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      The ungraded (about 9F level) crossbolt pictured in the Nov-Dec 2019 newsletter is still available. The price is very reasonable for a gun this rare. Contact Jim Schmitz at jschmitz@gmail.com


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      Mills Morrison

      I emailed him when I got the newsletter but did not hear back.  Nice gun

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      Joe Stromski

      Same here-sent a email last weekend,haven’t heard back.

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      Shane Lee

      If Dr. Bob has his phone number, try calling. Not sure if that would be appropriate but if the guy wants to sell it then maybe it won’t be a big deal.

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      Mills Morrison

      I actually talked to him and he was going to send pics but didn’t.  I am no longer in the game for it, but hope someone here gets it.  I think the guy is just busy

Viewing 4 reply threads
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