Fakes, Upgrades and other Fraud

One of the prime responsibilities of the Lefever Arms Collector Association is to prevent members from being subjected to fraud through the sale of guns which are subject to questions as to their authentiicity by reliable members of the association, For that very reason we have access to several well kept serial number lists which can help to confirm a gun’s origin. We admit that no such list can ever be complete without access to the original factory records which are probably forever lost. However we will attempt to make available to anyone who inquires, if possible, assistance in varifying the authenticity of any given gun by its serial number or photographic description. Please be aware that since verifiable records are not available it is not possible to provide factory generated information on any gun. Any statement will reflect the opinions of “experts” however cannot be construed as being anything more than informed opinions and should not be used to make accusations against any seller. Rather, they should be used to help one in the complex decision process as to whether to purchase a given gun.

The serial number lists are also helpful in determining the production numbers of various grades and gauges of Lefever guns. This helps to allow collectors to know the relative rarity and value of their collectables. We would hope that owners of Lefever guns report whatever information they have so that the lists are kept as complete as possible. Requests for lists of guns by grade or missing serial numbers will obviously be denied, since this information could be used to promote the sale of a fraudulent gun.

Inquiries as to the serial number list should be addressed to the RP at  lefevercollectors@gmail.com