Gun Inquiries

The LACA will entertain inquiries about specific guns. However, it must be understood that there are no factory records from the Lefever Arms Co., or D.M. Lefever & Sons, or any of the Lefever partnerships. Therefore, any information we have has been collected by individual LACA members. No one member has all of the information. The LACA itself does not keep a list. However, most of those who do collect numbers and information are willing to share that knowledge with some limitations.

We will do what we can to answer a question about an individual gun. Enough information must be supplied to correctly identify the gun and photos are always beneficial. Within the limitations of the information provided we will give a reasonable estimate of value, based on recent sales. However, that information is only as reliable as the reports on the gun itself.

We do recommend that if you are considering buying a High Grade Lefever Gun that you collect as much information as you can, and identify the seller, in order to help you authenticate the gun. For example, it is estimated that 125 Optimus Grade Guns were made. We know of only about 45 that have been authenticated. We know of a least 6 fake Optimus guns out there. Therefore, greater than 10% of the Optimus guns available for sale are potential forgeries. Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware).

We will not entertain “Number Searches” in which no information other than a serial number is rendered.

We will not give out information to individuals who refuse to identify themselves or use an internet nickname without identifying themselves.

We encourage Lefever collectors to provide the LACA with information about their guns. This helps us to establish a data base and furthers our study as to time periods and production dates of Lefever guns. This also helps you in that we could help track a stolen gun.