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      Mike Koneski

      -1893-1894 manufacture date
      -2 7/8″ chambers
      -30″ Damascus barrels
      -Beautifully redone case color (the action was as shiny as a new quarter!!) by
      Justin Julian in Idaho
      -LOP 14 7/16 over the Hawkins pad
      -DAC 1 5/8″ DAH 2 5/8″
      -9 lb 11.4 oz
      -R choke .026 (IM) L choke .033 (LF)
      -R bore .786 L bore .787

      -Cocking indicators
      -Push-button fore-end
      -Fully compensating action
      -Perfectly fit Hawkins pad by Brian Dudley
      -Stock has honest wear with no cracks, splits or chips

      Asking $1700 plus shipping/insurance for this beautiful example of Uncle Dan’s big bore guns. This gun does not have to ship to an FFL due to it being a pre-1898 manufacture.



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      Mike Koneski


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