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      KC Wait

      D0EC5DA3-CD62-42B7-9A33-2FE8170011CA090F1A13-C68E-46EA-AD70-A0C3629A88F8C2DDE191-445E-44F4-9019-3FD104F5100112A74EE0-FBC7-4966-849E-8FD8EDDBF840A3C66C17-2A29-4AA4-8663-C13C8ADA3EA5FD685B9C-1AA0-4122-B6FF-27686FF6CA00BE228612-08D2-4E0E-AE31-E0D5AD6528E7_1_201_a40520B93-BE35-49EA-B716-9C8AB1137413_1_201_aWell, after battling mixed emotions on this for some time, I’ve decided to put my C grade, #73181 up for sale. It has served me well, but days in the field are now fleeting. There are more photos, and comments on a posting I started on Jan. 19 of this year. I’m an open book on this gun, and will share everything I know about it. $5000, no less. Thanks so much.

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      Terry Buffum

      Here is a link to that earlier thread on this gun:

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