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      Rob Di Stasio

      I got this many years ago at the KTS, always wanted to try shooting some birds with BP shells and I satisfied that itch, it’s been sitting ever since.



      I want to state up front that the right barrel has a repaired ring bulge 14″ from the breech, just past the forend tip. I knew this when I purchased it, I decided it wasn’t enough to worry about, I was only going to use BP shells. The repair is fairly well done but you can see it through the bore and in what’s left of the finish in photo 1163.

      I considered refinishing the entire gun at one point, the wood is very good as are all the screws and such, buttplate, etc. No interest in that now so it’s going done the road, either to someone likes me that will look past the imperfections, or in pieces, parted out. I’d rather someone wants to shoot it. BP shells are fun, you just need to step upwind for your 2nd shot 😁.

      The barrels ring like a bell, the push button fore end operates as it should. On face, tight lockup.


      2.5″ chambers-

      30″ barrels-

      7lbs, 3oz-

      LOP 13-3/4″

      DAC 1-11/16″

      DAH 2-7/8″

      Rt. bore 0.733, .025 choke

      Lt. bore 0.733, .035 choke

      Link to more photos….

      C&R Eligible, $450 plus S&I to your FFL.

      PM with any questions



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      Rob Di Stasio

      Reduced, $399

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