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      Bill Graham

      1890 Parker 12ga hammergun, #1 frame, fishtail top lever, twist barrel, cut down to 27 9/16”, chokes read like modified 10ga. Buttstock has not been cut,
      and nonobvious breaks or cracks. Bores are bad, barrels do not ring.

      19” 12ga #2 frame “Parker Steel” ejector barrel from 1922 with good bores, cyl/cyl chokes. Maybe a cowboy action barrel?

      Parker damascus 12ga #2 frame barrel from 1900 with nice bores, cut down to 28 1/8”, cyl/cyl chokes, and the forend to go with it.

      $300 plus shipping to cont. US for all.

      Pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-TnsA7sbVKmDMfyJse54_b1UK1c2nG8n

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      Dennis Yager

      I will take them


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      Bill Graham

      Sold to Mr. Yager.

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      Brian Dudley

      MANY times that dollar amount in parts in the package.  You should have held onto it for possible future repairs.

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