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      Bill Graham

      478B2711-6E99-4D88-BB83-3B0BA84C044D8051F90C-3C11-4994-8A3A-36E6E20F4E5F97BF304E-ECCD-44AD-BDF2-241F706DBC5D9BB4EDC9-E49A-43C2-B02D-3D2BD2E50BAEC4FF62CF-333E-48BC-923F-8F975D7DA5BA54BC59AF-272E-4210-8875-6C2269C34F13B7CE8EED-90EB-4C75-9661-3EA2864C1423220EAF19-512D-4E5E-B195-FBA5C55977E979567DA8-7E10-4E42-9EDE-E83F32447B297F72132F-61DF-4D52-B247-7BAB6048F8542F04372C-C3D9-4B47-A810-2556806151F076B95D58-1512-484C-95D6-0E0650403E5092F895D2-245C-46F8-9A32-00AA100B5AD2D259258B-58CD-4332-B430-1F79EB6721481888 Parker Bros. hammergun

      Serial number 54860

      Fish tail top lever

      #1 frame size

      30” twist barrel

      Matted top rib

      Excellent bores

      Pair of small dings on left barrel exterior at 10:00 and 11:00

      Uncut at either end

      2 5/8” chambers

      Mod/Mod chokes

      LOP 14” to factory buttplate

      DAC 1 7/8”

      DAH 3 1/4”

      7 lbs 8 oz

      Some factory color remains, small chip in buttplate toe, tight action, several chips on undersides and edges of forend wood, overall a clean example.

      $1600 shipped

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      Bill Graham


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