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      1888 Lefever F Grade
      SN 10407
      Cocking rod, pivot lever model
      Barrels are lost cause
      Action sound, forend iron needs welding repair (broken in half at the hole for cross pin, all parts present
      Stock salvageable, forend once cracked in half and missing wood

      1898 Lefever H Grade
      SN 26157
      Barrels in the white, and require bottom rib repair, very good bores
      Action sound, all parts presentWood stripped and acetone soaked, needs checkering, finish, no known cracks, forend needs dogs head insert

      12ga Lefever cocking rod barrel w/ extractors
      Good bores
      3 plugged holes in top rib

      Additional Lefever parts: sears, sear springs, two complete trigger plates with triggers, two top lever cams, bolt, top lever, safety actuating bar, hammers, cocking hook for two-hook model, hammer pin, wood screws, etc. Parts are separated in divided plastic containers.

      $250 shipped to cont. US.

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