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Joe Smolka

Hi!  I received your emails and replied via email a few minutes ago. I apologize for my technical incompetence as far as uploading pics onto this forum. I bought the B&L from Sell Antiques via an ad in Gunsinternational. I emailed Guns International and asked them for a link to the ad so that I would have pics to send to anyone possibly interested in the Barber and Lefever. I think we have it worked out so that you will receive the link with the pics. The gun is being sold as pictured, except for the forend and the forend iron. Those are being attached to my B&L First Quality 10 gauge double. Except for the forend, which is no longer on the gun, the gun is as pictured in the pics from the Sell Antiques/Gunsinternational ad. Thanks for your interest.